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Natural mineral water from Psiloritis Mountain
Mineral carbonated water Zaros!test Discover a new world of intense sensations, with a guilt-free enjoyment. scroll down
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Why carbonated?

Our mission is to have a positive and refreshing impact on your daily lives, Zaros Sparkling will be a daily refreshment to satisfy your fizzy needs, a  refreshment  in respect with your healthy way of living.


Perfect balance!

Experience pure sensations with smooth, rich bubbles that eagerly rush to tickle your taste buds and reinvigorate your mood, the moment you take the first sip. Described as "the friendliest", "the most balanced", "abundant yet silky"... our Zaros Sparkling bubbles offer you the right amount of fizz that stimulates your senses. Your Zaros Sparkling refreshment guarantees zero guilt, maximum pure sensations.

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Zaros_Zaros Carbonated Glass 1L Zaros Carbonated Glass 1L
Zaros_Zaros Carbonated 1L Zaros Carbonated 1L
Zaros_Zaros Carbonated 0.5L Zaros Carbonated 0.5L
Zaros_Zaros Carbonated 330ml Zaros Carbonated 330ml
Zaros_Zaros Carbonated 330ML PET Zaros Carbonated 330ML PET
Zaros_Zaros Carbonated Lime 330ML PET Zaros Carbonated Lime 330ML PET
Zaros Sparkling Mixes
For every moment of our day
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